Patient Participation Group

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) meets two or three times a year and provides an opportunity for a dialogue between patients and staff on a wide range of health matters in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to attend and refreshments are provided.

Should you wish to join the group please either speak to one of our receptionists or send an email to:

If you cannot attend but would like to participate in another way, such as e-mail this too can be arranged. Just let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Kumaran


Thank you to everyone who attended our Patient Participation Group meetings this year. We are always grateful for your feedback and are pleased that good progress continues to be made.

Please see our Annex Report that has been provided to our Clinical Commissioning Group along with our agreed Action Plan by clicking on the links below.

Patient Participation Report 2016 (PDF, 283KB)

Action Plan 2016 (PDF, 104KB)



1. Phone System

Getting through to the practice on the phone continues to be a problem for some. We upgraded our phone system but patient feedback continues to raise this as an area for improvement.

Action: We explored other options with our network service provider and were promised a more sophisticated phone system which would allow us a greater amount of options. Progress was very slow and the service provider needed to be chased constantly. Eventually after having being promised a more integrated system we were told that they were unable to help. This was extremely frustrating. We have reported this back to our PPG and are now pursuing other service providers.

2. Carer Support

Some patients (who are carers) have mentioned that although they receive good support from the practice, they need additional help and support at home but are unaware of whom to ask, where to go and what is available to them.

Action: We discussed this internally to see how much the staff new about this type of issue. see if more information, support and guidance can be provided to reception staff to better inform patients/carers

3. Online Appointments for other devices

The service for patients to book their appointment online is working well and some comments were received indicating that a downloadable App would be most welcome for patients to use on their mobile devices.

Action: We discussed this with our website developers and they have provided a link on our website to the Apple App Store and Android Google Play (


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